Friday, 26 February 2021

Best Wooden Flooring If You Have Pets

If you have pets, deciding on the proper floor is a really significant part your interior planning process. Even though a lot of people imply that wood flooring isn't ideal when you have four-legged friends in your home, there's no reason why you need ton't be able to make hardwood flooring function for you and your pets equally. Here are our Top Three Tips for Selecting the Most Appropriate flooring for pets:

Invest in hardwood flooring, not softwood since your initial investment will pay off more term. More hard wearing than softwood, hardwood will stand up well to high traffic out of both pets and humans. Wood species such as walnut, ipe or walnut are perfect choices.

Opt for solid timber, not designed wood. Because pets' claws are likely to cause scratching to your flooring, it is important to get the peace of mind of knowing that you can sand your floor if you want to. Solid wood flooring will withstand significantly more sanding into its lifetime than engineered wood flooring.

Decide on a hardwearing finish for your floor. When it comes to pets, the two oiled and lacquered finishes have their pros and cons. Lacquered will show scratches more readily than oiled, but will stand up to wear and tear. Oiled solid floors at a house that has pets will probably need to be recoated more frequently than at a home which does not have pets, but is very likely to look less tired in-between times.

So, once you have made your choice of species of solid hardwood floors with a lacquered or oiled end, it's time to look at what else you can do help keep your floor looking great longer:

Maintain your pet's claws trimmed. Long, scratchy claws may play havoc with hardwood floors, particularly if your dog or cat is more prone to running about vigorously! For this reason, it is important to try and maintain your pet's claws well trimmed so that they don't damage your floor.

Dry your pet when they come in from the wet. Unlike (most) human beings, pets usually do not wash their feet before coming into the home, however many doormats you supply! Because of this, it's really important to ensure to rub down your pet when they are in from outside. In particular, the mixture of dirt, grime and moisture is bad news on your floor, so do make sure you're attentive in your attempts to dry off your pet before they come into your property.

Mop up any accidents promptly. Although elderly pets are not as likely to have small mishaps, if they don't occur, or when you've got a puppy or a kitten, do be sure that you spray any urine as fast as you can because urine can cause profound staining that could be difficult to remove. Effectively, it is the ammonia in urine which causes the wood to discolour and appear unsightly. In case you have urine-stained flooring you will learn how deal with it here.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Turn Your Staircase Into a Work of Art

You may not look closely at the staircases in many houses. They probably function just fine, but there's nothing all that special about these. But with Floor Sanding Hertfordshire
, your stairs can literally become a work of art since they will earn a one-of-a-kind statement. We can take your dull, run-of-the-mill staircase and ensure it creates a statement. We can create curved, spiral, right, and flared designs for your staircase.
Have a peek at our project gallery to see some of our amazing hardwood work, including custom staircases.
If you have hardwoods in your home, you might wish to consider integrating the warm look of hardwoods to your customized stairs. Here are some items to Remember when planning your project:

You're probably going to want to use exactly the same color as your floors for your hardwood staircase --unless you are attempting to create a specially unique statement. But if you need things to leak, it is normally best to adhere to the same colour.
If you order wood for your stairs that's already completed, you put yourself at danger of having it ruined during the construction procedure. Placing in stairs is hard job, so nicks and dings are likely to occur within this process. It is generally better to have the wood for the stairs completed on-site.
Don't overlook these pro tips on caring for your customized wood staircase so it seems beautiful for many years to come.

The riser is the vertical distance between steps, and although you can not see them much when you

Plank Size

are on the staircase, when you're seeing the staircase from a space, they are quite visible. With Denver custom woodworking, you have plenty of alternatives for your risers. You can make them fit the staircase, or you'll be able to create a contrasting appearance. Or they may be painted for a more conventional layout.
You can choose wide or narrow boards, depending on your personal taste. You might also want to consider exactly what plank size your home's hardwood floor has and have the stairs match.

Wood Grain
You will want to be certain that the wood grain of your stairs matches that your hardwood floors to create a more integrated look. Otherwise, your custom staircase might wind up looking out of place in your property.

Contact Floor Sanding Hertfordshire When it's time to choose your staircase from dull to dazzling. Our specialist staff has more than a quarter century of expertise and is respected throughout the Denver area for satisfying customers with our superior and personalized flooring services. Why call us? We can take care of all your custom woodworking needs, we've got access to the finest products available, and we'd be pleased to provide hardwood floor refinishing services that could enhance the exceptional quality of your house. Contact us now!

Friday, 30 November 2018


Adding hardwood flooring to your house can be a rewarding investment, provided you take some opportunity to properly maintain it. In our last post we looked in numerous easy tips which if followed, can help make certain your hardwood floors maintain their original beauty and appeal for years to come.

In this post we will continue this topic, focussing on a few more hints for maintaining your hardwood flooring in the best possible state.

Watch out for the pets

In our last post we discussed how excessive moisture can cause your flooring to swell and cup. For those of you with pets, ensure any messes are immediately cleaned up and the surface is properly dried, since this can harm the floor's finish if allowed to dry. Attempt to also keep any food or water dishes onto a mat in case of spillages.

Trim your pets' claws on a regular basis, keep them short rather than sharp, as cat and dog nails can scratch and dent your hardwood flooring.

Make use of Carpets

A good quality, attractive rug can truly help tie a room together, including a feeling of warmth. Not
only will they give an aesthetic appeal, but they'll also provide additional protection from scratches, marks, and dents to your hardwood floor.

Use floor protectors on furniture

While rugs will help safeguard your hardwood flooring, it might be impractical and remove from their aesthetic appeal to include too many of them in any 1 room! Instead, make use of gentle, felt floor protectors on any furniture which will come in contact with your floor. Whether this can be desk chairs, table legs, sofas, free standing lamps, or other things. Try to refrain from moving furniture about, but if you need to move something, try to lift it clear from the floor, rather than pushing or dragging it around the floor.

Look after your high heels!

Maintain your high heels in good repair. Shoes which have worn or lost their protective cap can scratch or dent wood, due to their steel support pole becoming exposed. Someone wearing stiletto heels, weighing 125 lbs will exert approximately 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch, which may cause damage to your flooring. Try to refrain from wearing high heels in rooms with hardwood flooring to reduce the chance of damage.